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The Celestial Stars Headband

The Celestial Star Headband was featured on the BERTA Fall/Winter ’18 Runway Show for Bridal Fashion Week. Available in Silver, Antique Gold, Rose Gold, and Rustic Havana plating (shown: Rustic Havana).

Heirloom quality headpiece detailed with authentic Swarovski crystals.

Hand-made in the USA.



Rustic Havana handcrafted Leaf Motif Halo with Clear Swarovski crystal and golden shadow pearls.

Nerissa Headband

Artisanal gold headband, embellished with certified blue, ivory cream, and clear Swarovski crystals and grey pearls. Handmade in the USA. Heirloom quality guaranteed.

Opal Headband

Artisanal silver headband / halo detailed with Swarovski crystals and Mother of Pearl flowers.

Hand-made in the USA. Heirloom quality guaranteed.


Handmade golden headband detailed with green, purple and pink Swarovski crystals.

Brigitte Headband

Handmade silver headband detailed with all Swarovski crystals.

Marjorie Headband

Handmade silver headband encrusted with all Swarovski crystals.


Handmade headband detailed with all Swarovski crystals.


Handmade headband detailed with Swarovski crystal rocks.

Simone Headband

Golden headband encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

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