Fall/ Winter 2016 Collection

The Maria Elena Headpieces Fall/ Winter 2016 collection evokes a beautiful sense of calm, with its soft antique gold tones and delicate lilacs complemented by a hint of blush and ivory. Leading to provoke a sense of absolute wonder from the color combinations, and designs, of each individual handcrafted and handset pieces.

“These winter months, are dark and bitter and harsh as though, misery had found a home in them the night before. She could feel it in his hands. For everytime his fingertips grazed her flesh they left a trail of frost like breadcrumbs through a fable’s forest and, not even his solar system of a soul could help sustain the heat. So they left. Seeking a warmth as strong as their desire, they embarked on a journey far beyond the reach of any glacial flake, yearning the sun’s kiss as only lovers could. The sunlight beaming with heat and light, while itching their inner arms and engraving its rays into their skin. That’s when they finally felt it, the bliss of the tropical beauty encircling them, and paralleling the love that fuels their hearts. Sheer Bliss tickling their skin and shattering the winter callous that once dimmed the passion that fed their soul’s appetite. The lust they share intensified with each drop of moisture along her blushing cheeks, as the brisk waves of the ocean mirror the rush of blood through their veins. Stuck on a tropical abyss, forgetting that time exists.”

The decadence of Miami in the 60’s and 70’s provides the inspiration for the Maria Elena Headpieces Fall/Winter 2016 collection. Shot in the historic Walton House in Florida, providing a hot, greenhouse effect with tousled and teased golden hair capturing the latest collection in a unique bohemian campaign inspiring the woman who wants to be different.

Bohemian and decadent, warm and rustic, embellished with Swarovski crystals, and hand crafted with the finest and minutest details

This is why Maria Elena Headpieces is, “More than a jewel, a Work of Art.”

CREDITS – Location: The Walton House || Photographer: Stian Roenning || Hair & Makeup: Sidney Jamila || Styling: Gisele Del Busto from Chic Parisien  || Gowns: Ines Di Santo // Berta Bridal // Inbal Dror // Lazaro

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