Maria Elena Headpieces & Berta… Bridal Luxury Galore! #NYBFW

Maria Elena Headpieces and Accessories has established a brand of luxury, love and handcrafted pieces with a myriad of designs raging from classic, to innovative, to outright bold. It is only natural that when it came to collaborating with other bridal designers, we have done so with a name and brand that is also synonym with top bridal fashion, gorgeous and luxurious designs, of the most outstanding quality. We are speaking of course, of the House of Berta.

Much in line with our vision, the Israeli designer built a name for herself by making brides feel confident, stunning and unique with her designs. A collaboration between the two bridal fashion titans seemed like a given.

Our headpieces and accessories have accompanied the Berta runway models for several seasons now. From the firs bold, Swarovski encrusted crown, to the famous Celestial Stars Headband, and now to the newest version of hoops by Maria Elena Headpieces & Accessories, the bridal looks and style has always been breathtaking.


The latest hoops, which debuted this last April at New York Bridal Fashion Week, are definitely a fashion statement for our modern, cool and trendy brides. Our hoops are so versatile that they will also look fantastic with a formal gown to add the perfect touch of extravagance and sparkle for a special event.

As usual, all of our pieces, both from our bridal and ready-to-wear collection, are handmade with a lot love. The pieces we have made for Berta have always been very popular, and these gorgeous hoops have been no exception.

If you wish to achieve the complete Berta New York Bridal Fashion Week 2019 look, pair our sumptuous hoops with our new delicate barrettes for that bold yet very effortlessly feminine look.

Maria Elena Headpieces and Berta… Bridal luxury in its finest expression!


The Maria Elena Headpieces & Accessories family

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