Fall/Winter 19′ a new trend of regal femininity redefined by Maria Elena Headpieces

You are my moon and my stars…

Like a goddess, delicate yet strong and determined, Maria Elena envisioned her future brides in this collection. She designed and created pieces that are as bold as they are feminine, holding nothing back, just like her eternal inspiration… The many wonderful women in her family.

Picturing her brides running through forests in bridal couture, eloping with their loves… Or saying her ” I dos” under Tuscan sunsets, or even having an intimate & elegant ceremony in her hometown of Miami… There is a headpiece, handmade with love, for each and every one of them.

The craftsmanship and design is incomparable as usual, but this collection is quite unique in its range. From giving antique and beautiful traditions, a new light with pieces such as the Spanish Peineta (large hair comb), to trending with modern laid-back luxury with moon and stars pieces, to the more attention grabbing crowns.

Again, regal & soft come together to make a truly outstanding collection for all our magnificent MEH women & brides.

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