Meet the Duchess!

Honoring tradition, in an innovative way.

Last week the entire world celebrated the nuptials of a groundbreaking couple in British monarchy, and in history! Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle became officially the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and our eyes were filled with tears of joy. And we know how much we were all blown away and were excited over Meghan’s sparkling tiara. Some even calling the stunning headpiece, the most beautiful part of her look (Hey, It wasn’t us!).

Maria Elena was so inspired and moved by this blissful occasion, she immediately created a new tiara, which we named the Duchess.

Delicately handmade with love, as always, this headpiece has all the royal feels with a slightly modern, alternative twist, still resembling Queen Mary’s crown.

Just like the fairytale romance of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex….

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