Be delighted by the new face of luxurious romance this Spring/Summer, by Maria Elena Headpieces.

As it often happens, it was the designer’s muse that sparked the piece that would become the heart of this collection. Marilé, Maria Elena’s daughter, inspired her to create, and also was who first wore our intricate, extravagant, and unique mermaid crown. And so, after appearing like a Greek Goddess ruling over spring and its seas, our Spring/Summer collection was born.


Flowers, stars and soft color palettes are the bulk of this new collection that is as romantic as it is luxurious, in true Maria Elena fashion.


This season we have a range from epic crowns reminiscing those of literature queens, to our soft headbands as delicate as flowers themselves, adorned with Mother of pearl for our more nature-loving goddesses, and pieces in our new darker hue, name Vintage Copper (burnt metal raw look). In addition to combs and earrings full of stars and sparkles as fun and flirty as some of our brides always young and playful at heart.


Always a trendsetter, this season is no different. Pushing boundaries with new shapes for jewelry and headpieces alike, and of course, delighting the audience once more in the beloved Berta runway. This season we had the pleasure of creating a showstopper of an earring, with shine suited for a 50’s Hollywood icon, nothing short of amazing, for our bolder and more fashion-forward women.


As usual our newest collection is complete, with a headpiece and an accessory for every bride, because every women is beautiful and special in her own way, and we celebrate them all by giving them a lifetime of luxurious romance. Headpieces and accessories created as heirlooms for generations of stylish and stunning women to come.

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