Maria Elena Origins and Inspirations

“ Success is the consequence of perseverance, optimism, believing in yourself and the people who surround you, and above all, having a lot of faith in God.” – Maria Elena

The story of Maria Elena is truly what the American Dream exemplifies. Her passion and ingenuity brought her ideas to life with the help of her first inspiration, her daughter. Maria Elena has always pushed the limits of creativity and elegance, overcoming every obstacle that comes her way from the beginning of her career. At a young age, she started her journey with jewelry. Dabbling with some designs until she mastered ‘A Work Of Art’ — A phrase that proudly stands in the Maria Elena Headpieces credo today.

She is an innovative woman with an exceptional talent in creating one-of-a-kind handcrafted headpieces and accessories, and a pioneer in this revolutionary form of design that is embodied within her work. What makes Maria Elena’s headpieces truly authentic is her value in quality over quantity.

Every piece is handmade and embellished primarily with Swarovski crystals. Her team of skilled jewelers have vowed to make a Bride’s special day breathtaking with each individual piece custom to their requests. That is why Maria Elena’s three fundamental core values are quality, originality, and elegance. She carefully designs each piece to be multifaceted with a 360-degree Swarovski embellishment, so that its beauty is captured in every angle. Beautiful and highly detailed, they are inspired by natural, organic forms such as leaves, flowers, and butterflies. She has created a unique niche for herself, and continues to be a market leader in bridal fashion accessories.

With any business comes hardship, and the company that stands today did not manifest on its own overnight. Her business originated with an idea in a sketch pad that later was transformed into a thriving international family business. Her creativity and passion has been fueled by the love she shares for the ones she loves. All of her designs are handcrafted with love and thought to ensure that they are worthy of being passed down for many generations. Her diligence and dedication inspires her team to work for something extraordinary everyday. This is how the Maria Elena Headpieces company has thrived for more than twenty years.

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